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Jack Gary Aspaugh “I am very pleased with my Financial Visions website and the marketing advice and support that I have received. Traffic to my site has dramatically improved this year, and more importantly, requests for insurance quotes have increased to several a week. I am seeing a steady growth trend in these numbers, and business is definitely being generated through the website.

“My website also improves the efficiency of my practice. I can work with customers remotely because I have set up links that allow them to fill out privacy-protected insurance forms directly from my site while we are on the phone, or at their convenience. It’s a great business tool.”

Jack Gary Alspaugh
Gary Insurance Group, Phoenix AZ

"I love it when I open my mail and find checks from carriers from clients who I have never met from all over the US. They used my website as a pass-through portal, to carriers who I have placed on my site."

"By using Google and Yahoo search engines, I can direct prospects to specific links within my website who can buy online without me ever doing a thing. What makes Financial Visions such a great value is the online webinars and on-demand tutorial links to help you sharpen your Web marketing skills. Thank you FV!"

Kenneth Richter
Charter Benefit Consult (CBC)

David Dunnam “I recently obtained a client who said he was impressed with the professional quality of my website and the information it provided, making him comfortable to do business with me. He opened 529 Plans for his three children, and has also referred other people to me. I frequently send prospective clients to my site, especially for the calculators and tax articles from the IRS publications.”

David Dunnam
Dunnam Wealth Management, Austin TX

M.D. Shea, RFC “Your information and services are amazing! You provide us with the opportunity to train our marketing department with your proven best practices at no cost to us. We are constantly improving our website because of this and results are beginning to show already. Thank you! You provide a valuable service to Wittrock Financial Group.”

Chip Wittrock
Wittrock Financial Group, Carroll IA
M.D. Shea, RFC “Financial Visions has been most pro-active in providing education and real world examples on how to market my business through my website. The multi- pronged approach is paying dividends through prospects and client credibility.”

M.D. Shea, RFC

Rodney McCoy “Thank you for providing all the wonderful tools you offer through Financial Visions. I am very grateful for your kind, professional service. Your knowledgeable suggestions and advice on Internet marketing are generating some new leads, and you have provided us with a method to reach a new audience that otherwise would not be exposed to our services.”

Rodney McCoy
McCoy and Associates, West Monroe LA

Andy Paladino, “We use our Financial Visions website as an easy way to refer new, potential clients to our list of financial advisory services. It serves as a resource to help them become familiar with our services, and provides additional financial tools and information that they can access. The professional manner in which Financial Visions has put the website together has generated many positive comments and some “cool” and “oohs and ahs.”
Andy Paladino, CPA, MSF
Paladino Financial Group, Timonium MD

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