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Please fill out the following form to request a cancellation of your web hosting account.

Your account cancellation request will be processed in the quickest manner possible, however, due to security checks, it may take up to 72 hours to complete. You may be contacted by one of our representatives if additional information is needed.

Required fields are marked by a (*). If all information is not provided, or the required information does not match our records we regret that we cannot honor your cancellation request. This is to protect you against an unauthorized cancellation.

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If you are cancelling for a reason not mentioned above, please explain:

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Site No Longer Needed
Pricing Too High
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Didn't Know How to Market My Site
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If you are cancelling for a reason not mentioned above, please explain:

What would it take to earn your business in the future? How can we improve?

Please Note: If you have an outstanding bill you will receive a final charge for fees which have been unpaid.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

If you have a past-due balance on your account at the time the account is closed (either by your request or due to non-payment), we will begin efforts to collect any fees owed. We apply a $20.00 collection fee to cover our costs in attempting to collect your debt. If our internal collection efforts fail, we reserve the right to turn the account over to a 3rd-party (either collections agency or attorney) for further action.

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