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Search engines are what people can use to find what they're looking for on the Internet, but their ability to drive business has been vastly overstated, often by the marketers who work at the search engines.
 According to WebSideStory's StatMarket data:
  • 74 percent of visitors reach sites by direct navigation (type the URL) or bookmarks.
  • 16 percent of visitors reach sites via links from other sites.
  • 11 percent of visitors reach sites via search engines.
WebSideStory's CMO, Rand Schulman, observes, "The days of Web users randomly 'surfing' to sites is ending. Now more than ever, people know exactly where they want to go on the Web.
Word of mouth is still the #1 way people hear about new sites. You should use your web address on all of your marketing materials, and try and arrange links with other sites that may be visited by your prospects.
What if I want better search engine results?
Search engines use complicated algorithms to determine which sites to list. Additionally, they tend to rank frames-based sites and sites that rely on content libraries much lower, since they can't "see" the entire site.
Should I Set Up Meta Tags and Keywords to Get to show up in search engines?
Meta tags are lines of code that are put into your website. We often add metatags for our clients. They are never seen by visitors, but they are sometimes used by search engines. Meta tags contain a description tag, and a keyword tag. The description tag would be the description of your site/company/services. Keywords tag are the keywords that will make your site show up when a user performs a search. So, the keywords for Financial Visions might be something like "Web site provider, insurance, investment, brokers, agents, online insurance quotes" etc. Keywords should be as descriptive as possible, but try not to repeat the same word too many times. As search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, it has become very difficult to try and "rig the results" in your favor, and is rarely worth the effort to fool the system.
Registering your site with directory services:
We recommend that you submit your site to www.DMOZ.org, which provides core directory services for some the most popular portals and search engines on the Web, including AOL Search, Netscape Search, Google, Lycos, DirectHit, and HotBot, and hundreds of others.
Buying Key Words
The major search engine providers allow you to purchase keywords, so that when a search visitor looks for a site with your keyword an ad for your site is displayed. If the visitor comes to your site, you pay the search engine provider. With highly targeted keywords, (such as insurance agent Denver) you can often get your site in front of the right prospects. Broader key words can be quite expensive, however, and deliver you non-qualified prospect.
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