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How Do The Quote Forms Work?
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You can select which form you wish to display by clicking on the checkboxes in the quote form section of your Website Manager.

When a customer completes a form under the "Request A Quote" section, all information is sent to us securely and the information is then sent to whatever e-mail address is specified under the "Company Location" page in the Website Manager. Please make sure that this information is correct!

The customizable response form lets you specify an alternate email address, so that you can have response to seminar or booklet type programs forward directly to an assistant or special email box.
Do you require fields to be filled out?
For the quote request forms we do not, since more required fields leads to much lower response rates. A lead with partial information is better than no lead. For the customizable form, we do have required fields,  since this information is need for direct response.
Does Financial Visions provide custom quote request forms?
We do offer the semi-customizable forms page to use for your direct response /lead generating marketing programs. Currently, we do not support fully customized forms on our servers. However, you do have some options.
  1. We can build one for you. We charge $65/hour. Contact Customer Service at 800-593-9228 or email Service@financialvisions.com.
  2. You can make the forms yourself, and then set up one of your to custom pages to link to your custom form on another server. You can even have the quote form open inside your site, so your end user wouldn't know it was being pulled from an outside source.
  3. The site www.quoteforms.com offers custom quote forms and are even able to provide you with space to host them. You can have them help you set up a custom quote form to your liking, and then link to it from your site.
  4. If you feel your custom quote form may apply to a large percentage of our users, you can fax us the form and we will take a look at it and consider adding it to our pre-set forms.
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