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Can I Make Presentations Available On-Line?
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Yes. If you have a PowerPoint, you can upload it and link to it. Note that if the end user's computer does not have PowerPoint installed, they will need to install the PowerPoint Viewer at Microsoft's Download Center.
Other file types (producer, flash/shockwave, media files) can also be supported, but require premium file access. If you would like a self playing or "looping" presentation, we can convert your powerpoint into "flash" for you.  Go to our other services page for details.  
Uploading the File:
Go to the "file manager" page of your Website Manager
- First, hit browse to find the photo on your hard drive.
- Next, select the folder that you want to upload the file to. You can create new folders by using the "create new folder" button.
- Last, hit the upload button.
Your file is now on our web server and ready to be used.
Note: This tool is inactive for representatives of certain broker/dealers, based upon compliance requirements.
How can the file be accessed from my site?  
Once uploaded, your file has its own unique web address. With the file highlighted, hit the "copy" button to copy the file address to your clipboard. Next, using the Website Manager links on the left of your screen, go to the "Exhibits" section of your Website Manager, and add the link and whatever text you'd like.
Once on the page, your edit toolbar for that page has a button ()  that allows you to insert the link address, as well as whether to open it in a new browser window or framed within your site.   If the toolbar doesn't appear, please hit your browser's refresh button and go back to the page again.
What about compliance?
If the compliance tool is in use, the compliance department will be notified when you add links to a page. You must also make sure that all material uploaded is pre-approved by your compliance department.  
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