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Advisor Website Service

Advisor Website Pro

Website service with FINRA-reviewed articles, calculators, compliance tool, stock quotes, daily financial news, 1 year domain registration $149 + $44.95 /mo.
Optional Services
2nd Website, Same Customer Second website with different domain $99 + $10 off/mo.
Additional Disk Space Increase your file storage space from 25MB to 50MB $5/mo.
Domain Services
Domain Name Registration Register a domain name (first year free with signup) $25/ea
Domain Name Renewal, 1yr Renew your domain for one year $25
Domain Name Renewal, 2yr Renew your domain for two years $40
Additional Domains Multiple domains can point to your website $50/ea
Changing Domain & Re-setup   $50
eLibrary Pro Services
eLibrary Pro Add articles, calculators, response forms, and other FINRA approved content to an existing outside website $475 + $44.95/mo.
Email Services
includes virus protection, spam control, 50MB
Email Addresses Add two mailboxes to your standard account $5/mo.
Expanded Email Addresses Add more mailboxes $2/mo. each
BackAway Email Archiving FINRA-compliant email archiving $9.95/mo. per mailbox up to 1GB
Newsletter Services
Envision Newsletter A monthly, automatically-generated eNewsletter with financial planning topics, customized with your photo, contact information and selected content is sent to your self-managed subscriber list. $19.95/mo.
2nd Newsletter, Same Customer   $14.95/mo.
3rd Newsletter, Same Customer   $12.95/mo.
Media Hosting Services
Media File Hosting Special file upload access for Flash files (.swf), sound, audio, and producer files $10/mo.
Professional Services
Custom Forms Create custom forms $80/hr.
PDF Document Conversion Convert Word docs or brochure to web-self documents $10 each
Photo Management Resizing, cropping and web-safe conversion of photos $35 each
Complete Website Set-up Consultation interview and website production service $299
Website Update Update your site with a new look and new content. 3 hours for consultation and updating, plus follow up for minor edits. Additional content development at $80/per hour $299
Search Engine Submission Update title meta tags and submit to Google and Yahoo Search Engines $125
Submit to Local Directories Research and submit to local online directories starting at $125
Quotes Services
Vitalterm Live Quotes Add a live quote engine to your website $35/mo.

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