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Overview of Uploading a Welcome Photo
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The photo on your "welcome" page has a few simple rules it must comply with.
  • First, it must be in the correct format. The two types of formats that are accepted are .jpg and .gif.
  • Second, it needs to be the correct size. We recommend having your welcome photo be no larger that 250 pixels wide. Any wider than that and the photo will start to push your "welcome" text off the page.
When you have a correctly formatted and sized picture, you are ready to upload the image from your hard drive to our servers.  The following easy steps will upload the file to your website.
  1. Enter the Website Manager by clicking on the Welcome Photo on your website and inputting the correct username and password.
  2. Go to the "welcome photo" section of your Website Manager by clicking "welcome photo" on the left navigation bar.
  3. Select the "browse" button to search your computer's hard drive for the photo you wish to upload. Once you find it, select it by highlighting the file name and hit OK.  You will return to the "welcome photo" screen of the Website Manager.
  4. Click the "upload" button to upload your newly selected picture.
Your new welcome photo has now been uploaded to your website.  To view the new image, just click on one of the "save" buttons at the top of the Website Manager to return to your website, and the new image should be visible on the home page.  This change is not subject to any compliance review so the change should take place immediately. 
How do I format my photo?
There are many programs available for the editing of photos. We recommend a program such as PhotoShop or PaintShop, but any photo editing software will work. You can even use Microsoft's paint software, which is included on most PCs, for basic cropping. Remember that your Welcome Photo should be either in JPG or GIF format and should be no wider than 250 pixels.  
For step-by-step instructions on photo resizing, click here.
We can also edit your digital photo for you, or scan in a normal photo and convert it. Please refer to our other services page for details.
Why doesn't my photo show up?
If you do not see the new image on your home page :
  • If the old image is still on the home page where the new image should be.  You may have to hold down the Ctrl+Alt and then click on the "refresh" button at the top of the browser. 
  • If there is a red "X" where the welcome image should be
    • The image is in the wrong format. Make sure you only upload a .jpg or .gif format picture, OR
    • If you hit the upload button with no picture selected, you may have overwritten your photo, and should upload it again.
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