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Adding another email address to Eudora
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Eudora 6 - POP setup for Windows - adding another email address
These instructions assume that you are using Eudora 6 in Sponsored mode for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. The configuration might be slightly different for other versions of Eudora. If you are newly installing Eudora, then click here. If you are adding another email address to your Eudora email program, use the tutorial below.

* Please note
, that some Internet Service Providers require that you use their outgoing servers to send email. You may want to check with them if you cannot send email from your Outlook account.

1. To create a new personality, or alternate email account, do the following:
From the Tools menu, choose Personalities or click the Personalities window's tab if it is the inactive window in a tabbed group.

2. The Personalities window appears.

3. Place your curser in the Personalities window, right click, and select "New":

4. The "New Account Wizard" dialog box will appear. Make sure the "Create a brand new email account is selected and click "Next":

5. Enter your "Personality Name " and click "Next.":

6. Type in your name in the "Your Name" field and click "Next." (This is the name that will appear in the "From" field of your outgoing message):

7. Enter your email address in the form "cjones@yourdomainname.com", into the "Email Address" box and click "Next.":

8. Enter your "Login Name" and click "Next.":

9. Enter the "Incoming Server" as 'pop.yourdomainname.com'. Leave the default, "POP," selected as the type of server. Then click "Next.":

10. Enter the "Outgoing Server" in the form of: smtp.yourdomainname.com.
11. Check the "Allow authentication" box unchecked. Then click "Next."

12. You have now successfully set up Eudora for getting your domain name email. Click "Finished."
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