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Submit Your Site to Search Engines
Why Do This
  • So people can find you.
  • Even though we will focus on LOCAL search tactics, it is important to have your site visible to the major search engines.
NOTE: Do this AFTER Financial Visions has inserted your meta tags into your source code (from Marketing Tip #2). Give us a day or two to implement the code changes.

Step 1 - See Your New Title & Meta Tags
  • Go to http://www.siteowner.com/system/meta.cfm
  • Enter your URL (http://www.yourdomain) into the "Check your existing meta tags" box.
  • Click on "Check Metas" .
  • See if the meta tags that you sent to Financial Visions appear in the boxes.
Step 2 - Submit Your Site
  • Scroll down and click on "Submit Your Site."
  • Enter the site address.
  • Leave the boxes checked on for all of the search engines listed.
  • Enter your email address.
Step 3- Patience
How Long Does It take to Get Listed?
  MSN up to 2 months
  Google up to 4 weeks
  AltaVista up to 1 week
  Fast up to 2 weeks
  Excite up to 6 weeks
  Northern Light up to 4 weeks
  AOL up to 2 months
  HotBot up to 2 months
  iWon up to 2 months
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