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List Your Site on Local Yahoo
Why Do This
  • Online listing and linking to your website, in as many locations as possible, will generate leads.
  • Global searches are not practical when people want to find local resources.
  • More people are discovering the advantages of using the "Local" versions of search engines.
  • A Basic Listing on Local Yahoo is FREE.
Step 1 - See Who's There
  • Go to http://local.yahoo.com
  • Enter a search term, such as "financial planning" along with your city.
  • Theaes are your local competitors
  • The group at the top have paid for an enhanced listing at $9.95/month
  • The other "Basic" listings are free.
Step 2 - Your Yahoo ID
  • Apart from basic search, all of the many services that Yahoo offers require that you create your I.D. and Password.
  • Most of you probably already have one.
  • Yahoo will ask you to sign up for your I.D., if you don't already have one, as you access their services
  • Remember your I.D. and password.
Step 3 - Create Your Listing
  • Go to http://listings.local.yahoo.com
  • Decide if you want Basic or Enhanced Listing.
  • Click on the appropriate "Sign up" box.
  • Yahoo will walk you through the process.
  • Be sure to select up to 5 categories.
  • Your position will appear in 3-5 business days.
Additional Tips
  • Print out the "Thank you" page after completing the sign up, so you can add it to your files.
  • Start a file called "Online Listings" so you have a record of your online marketing efforts.
  • Study your competitors listings
  • Be sure to go back and make edits if any of the information about your business changes.
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