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Resizing Your Pictures
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There are some free online image resizers that we have found. We make no claim to them and are not responsible for their functionality or operation, but they seem to work well when we tried them out. They are listed here:

An image cropper and resizer:

Or, you can download a Microsoft application that allows you to resize images.
Go to: http://download.microsoft.com/download/whistler/Install/2/WXP/EN-US/ImageResizerPowertoySetup.exe

If you would rather do the work yourself, then please follow the below instructions.
One of the most common issues our customers face is how to get a photo or picture in the proper format for use with their website. The reason this often proves difficult is because the average customer obtains photos or pictures from scans of actual photographs, or from print companies that produce their marketing media. These often are in the TIFF or BMP format, which are too large for use with a website.

Having the correct file type will ensure that users visiting your website will be able to load the picture/photo in a timely manner. The challenge is most users do not know how to reformat and resize photos, or what software to use to do it.

Whenever given an option from your print media provider, or when saving a file, you should always save a copy of the file as one of the following: (These file types are smaller in size while retaining acceptable quality.)



Yes it is true, contrary to popular belief, that picture reformatting and resizing can be accomplished with MS Paint. The benefit is that MS Paint is included with Microsoft Windows operating systems and therefore is a free tool to resize a picture. The tradeoff is resizing can be a bit more tedious of a process and getting the picture exactly the right size can take more time.

Resizing/Reformatting a Photo/Picture in MS Paint

In this document we will use the term "click" this will always be a left mouse button click unless otherwise specified.


Example: If the file is named "my_welcome_photo.jpg", rename the changed photo to "my_welcome_photo2.jpg"
This will ensure that you will have a saved copy of your original photo.
1. Click the Start menu and click on Run and then type: "mspaint" as shown below. Click OK.

2. Microsoft Paint with open, from here we need to open the file you wish to reformat/resize
3. Click File/Open and navigate to the file you wish to open:

Reformatting a Photo/Picture in MS Paint
4. With the file open click File/Save As... Select JPEG and save the file to a place you will remember.

  Now that we are working with the proper file type we can address the other issue our customers face: sizing a picture to fit properly. While there is expensive software out there that can make this an easy process we will focus on MSPaint.
5. Now that we have the file you wish to resize, click on "Image" and then "Attributes...":

6. The Attributes dialog box will open up, as seen below. In this example we can see that this picture is 1024 x 768 Pixels (Rather large!). An undesirable horizontal scroll bar is produced when an image is too large. Note this very page!

7. If we reduce said picture to 30% we will end up with a picture that is 308 x 231 pixels
8. Click image, then click Stretch/Skew
9. The Stretch/Skew box will open. The default that will be shown is 100% for both Horizontal and Vertical. Depending on the size of your photo you can adjust these percentages, Try different percentages always working downward, i.e. 80%, 70% etc.
10. In this example we are taking a picture file that is 1024 x 768 and reducing it to 30% of its original width (Horizontal) and height (Vertical) to 308 x 231
11. Once the values are entered click OK

12. Lets take a look at the finished product. As you will see the picture is much smaller now. By clicking image/attributes we confirm the new size of our picture.

13. The last step is to save our resized photo. As you see below, I like to add the new size into the file name for ease of keeping track.
If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team:
, or call us at: (800) 593-9228.
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