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Expert Financial Advice via Your Personal Monthly eNewsletter
Your prospects are searching for financial information online.
Build your business with your personal monthly eNewsletter.

Each month you can have your prospects and clients receive your personal email newsletter, Envision. You select the content from a library of dozens of articles on financial planning topics.

At the end of each article is a hyperlink to click so they can get more information. These requests for information go directly to you. Each request identifies the exact article they are interested in so you can tailor your response appropriately.
  • Envision is personalized with your photo, contact information, and selected articles. You can also add up to 255 characters of personal information.
  • Select up to three articles for each newsletter, or the system will automatically select them for you.
  • We do the emailing for you to your custom list of subscribers. You update the list, adding names as you collect them, with an easy-to-use list management tool.
  • Your list can have up to 10,000 subscribers. The system manages un-subscribes and notifies you.
  • Stay in touch with your current and prospective clients. Sending regular, personalized mailings to clients and prospects averages a 48% increase in repeat sales (IBM study)
  • Maintain your image as a professional advisor with a full staff.
  • Questions? See the Help/FAQ section.
There are few, if any, advisors in your area doing this because most of them don't know much about email marketing tools.

This is your opportunity to develop a digital age marketing system to become well known among the prospects in your area. And it's just $19.95/month, plus a $49 set-up fee for the complete service.

For more information, call us at 800-593-9228.
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